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EBay Error: “Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations”

Full Error Message: Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations Please remove the product(s) from eBay and re-list them to resolve this. If you”re seeing this error message, you may have tried to add or remove variation information that is invalid for this listing. Error: Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations. Problem: One of […]

EBay Error: “SKU does not match eBay Custom Label”

Full Error Message: SKU does not match eBay Custom Label The value (usually SKU) you are sending across for the Custom Label on eBay doesn”t match what is already on eBay for this item. Error: SKUs do not match for ManageBySKU item specified by ItemID Problem: ChannelUnity it trying to update an existing eBay listing […]

Link to Existing Listings – eBay

ChannelUnity can  scan your eBay account for live products and match them to items in your online store. This will result in the following: Items will move into either Not Listed or Listed in ChannelUnity, depending on whether they’re live on eBay. ChannelUnity will be able to send stock, price and product data updates to […]

Deleting and Disconnecting Products from a Marketplace

If you wish to remove your products from a marketplace, this can be done through ChannelUnity as long as the listing is linked (either in the “Listed” or “Fix Required” sections). For eBay, there is also an additional step. Please scroll down the page to the Deleting Products from eBay section for an explanation. To […]

eBay Listing Limits

With an eBay account, you will have some form of ‘Listing Limit’ imposed by eBay which restricts how many active listings you may have. This may be overall for the account as a whole, or can be for within a category, or even limitations on a single item. The limit can come in the form […]

eBay Listing Settings

This article will show you how to create eBay Listing Settings within ChannelUnity. To start, log in to your ChannelUnity account. Click on: Setup > Listing Settings > Create New Listing Settings. Select your marketplace using the drop-down and choose the eBay account you wish to create the listing settings for – in this example […]

eBay Listing Themes

Listing Themes are product page templates which can be used to layout a page on the marketplace to describe your product (primarily for eBay). This article describes the various features provided in Listing Themes. How to create a listing theme In your ChannelUnity account click on Setup > Listing Themes. You can create a theme […]

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