Online Stores

Articles on how to connect shopping carts (online stores) to ChannelUnity, and the settings that can control them.

Disconnect your Online Store from ChannelUnity

To disconnect your online store from your ChannelUnity account, please follow the steps below: Login to ChannelUnity and go to Setup > Online Stores Click the “Disconnect” button for your online store You will see the warning below. Click “Delete” to go ahead and remove the store. If you would also like to disconnect any […]

Connect 3dcart

How to link your 3dcart store to ChannelUnity The first step for new customers will be to contact 3dcart support and ask them to enable access to the SOAP API. You will need to give the following reference ticket ID for further information as 3dcart support has been instructed not to give SOAP access generally. […]

Connect Bigcommerce

How to link your Bigcommerce store to ChannelUnity Visit the following URL to go to the ChannelUnity listing on the Bigcommerce app store. Click the Get it now button. If you’re not already logged into your Bigcommerce account you will be prompted to login. You will be prompted to authorise ChannelUnity to access your Bigcommerce store. When […]

Connect Zen Cart

How to install the connector module for Zen Cart 1. Download the plugin from the following URL: 2. Extract the ZIP file. 3. Upload via your favourite FTP program the channelunity.php file to the root of the Zen Cart installation. 4. Visit the URL http://<your_site>/channelunity.php once to install the configuration options. 5. Log in […]

Connect WooCommerce

This article shows you how to connect your WooCommerce store to ChannelUnity. Step-by-step Guide Go to the Plugins page in Woocommerce and click Add New (Near the top left). Search ‘ChannelUnity’, you will find a plugin called ‘Amazon, eBay, NewEgg, Rakuten and more. WooCommerce Multichannel Integration by ChannelUnity’. Click the Install Now button, then the Activate Plugin link. If you don’t […]

Connect Shoptill-e

How to link your Shoptill-e store to ChannelUnity To enable the Shoptill-e integration with ChannelUnity follow the steps below. Within Settings > MARKET INTEGRATION Click Yes to ‘Enable ChannelUnity Integration’, enter your ChannelUnity Merchant name, username & password and save settings. Once you’ve saved your ChannelUnity account details first click ‘Validate User’ this will show […]

Connect Shopify

This article describes how to get your Shopify store connected to ChannelUnity and some information you need to know. Get Connected Start by logging into your Shopify admin panel, then in a separate tab login to your ChannelUnity account if you haven’t already. In ChannelUnity, click Setup > Online Stores. Click the button “Connect another […]

Connect Magento 2

This article shows you how to connect your Magento 2 store to ChannelUnity. More specifically, we support versions 2.2.x , 2.3.x, and 2.4.x of Magento 2. Download the Magento Module 1. The module is available on the Magento 2 Marketplace at the following link: The very latest version of the plugin is located in […]

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