A list of Bigcommerce related articles

Items Shipped Before Tracking Is Added

You may find that your systems are marking orders as shipped before tracking is added. In this scenario, the webhook will only fire once and it will not retrieve the tracking information as there is none set against the order. This will result in the tracking not being sent to the marketplace. To relieve this, […]

Order Import Error for out of stock, but product is in stock.

Please note this is only relevant for Bigcommerce orders   You may receive an email that an order could not be sent to cart, and upon checking out the order in the Orders tab of ChannelUnity (Click on the (i) icon to view details of the order), you see the below error message: The majority […]

Bigcommerce Variations and Product/Options rules

ChannelUnity supports variation listings. When we import your product data into our system, you’ll see the parent and each variant as its own product. To list a variation product, please see the Listing Variations section of the list a product page:   One feature unique to Bigcommerce are Product/Option rules which allow you to make […]

Using Bigcommerce with ChannelUnity

This article describes some useful information when using Bigcommerce with ChannelUnity. Custom price mapping Finding Bigcommerce category IDs Adding barcodes/UPC data Custom price mapping This describes how to set a different price for your marketplace listings versus your website. By default, ChannelUnity uses the same price value as on your website for your marketplace listings. […]

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