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Shipping your orders via Magento

ChannelUnity allows you to mark your marketplace orders (i.e. Amazon orders) which have been imported into Magento, as shipped, and ChannelUnity will automatically mark the order as shipped on the corresponding marketplace. More specifically the process is as follows: 1. Customer orders an item from you via Amazon*   2. The order is imported into […]

Magento Stub Products

What are stub products? A stub product is a product with only minimal information that gets created in Magento by ChannelUnity when an order is imported from a marketplace into Magento. Specifically this originates from a product SKU that exists only in the marketplace (e.g. Amazon Seller Central) and not in Magento. There are different […]

Magento 1 Settings

This article describes the settings that can be configured for the Magento 1 extension. In the Magento admin area click on System > Configuration. On the left click on¬†ChannelUnity. You will be presented with the available settings. Settings List Ignore Disabled Products Setting No means that Disabled products come into ChannelUnity. Setting Yes means Disabled […]

Magento 2 Settings

If you use Magento 2 in conjunction with ChannelUnity, these are the settings that can be configured for it. To view the settings, in Magento click on Stores > Configuration. Then click on ChannelUnity > Set up ChannelUnity. You will see a screen that looks like this.   Settings List Ignore Disabled Products Setting No […]

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