How to create and update listings on marketplaces.

ChannelUnity Product Search Function

ChannelUnity includes a function that will allow you to search through all products in the ‘Listing’ tab. This is not done through a menu, but is already present in the Listing tab itself. Along the top of the product listing section is a box immediately below each column. These are the search boxes, and allow […]

The Listings Screen

  This article takes you through each of the listing statuses that are in ChannelUnity and how your products move between these statuses. This could be via an action from you, or an automatic update. This article assumes you have gone through the initial set up processes which are as follows: connect your online store, connect a […]

Listing settings and themes

What are listing settings and themes? Listing Settings Listing Settings allow you to adjust your pricing and inventory to be different to what is in your online store. You may wish to have your marketplace prices 10% higher than your store, or show that you have fewer items in stock on the marketplace. You can […]

Channel Settings

This article will take you through the Channel Settings that are in ChannelUnity, and how these settings affect the way information is passed between your cart and your chosen marketplace. This article assumes you have gone through the initial setup processes which are as follows: Connect Your Online Store Connect a Marketplace Describe Product Fields […]

How to connect marketplaces

This article describes how to connect your marketplace accounts to your ChannelUnity account. The process is generally the same, so you will perform similar steps no matter if you’re connecting Amazon, or eBay etc., but the specific options you are presented with may be different. Connect an Amazon marketplace Before we can link your Amazon […]

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