Account Settings

Configure Order Import Alerts

When alerts are enabled, you will receive an e-mail when an order fails to import into your shopping cart. E-mails are sent no more often than once every hour. You will only receive one alert per unique order number. Select the options below then click Save. Emails will be sent to the primary account holder […]

How do I view a breakdown of a monthly invoice?

If you would like to view a breakdown of how the % based portion of your ChannelUnity invoice is generated, just follow these steps.   Login to your ChannelUnity account Click on the Billing section Click on the “Please select a month drop down” Select the month you wish to view You can then click […]

My account is closed

When your ChannelUnity account is closed, all synchronisation to your marketplaces, and synchronisation to your shopping cart is stopped. You have limited access to your closed account. You can still see your past invoices. Your account remains in the closed status for a limited amount of time before which it is automatically archived. To re-open […]

Disconnect your Online Store from ChannelUnity

To disconnect your online store from your ChannelUnity account, please follow the steps below: Login to ChannelUnity and go to Setup > Online Stores Click the “Disconnect” button for your online store You will see the warning below. Click “Delete” to go ahead and remove the store. If you would also like to disconnect any […]

User Management

In this article, we will explain how to use the Users & Roles section, found by going to Setup > Users and Roles. You should see a screen like the one below: If you click the Add User botton, you will see the following page where you can enter the First Name, Last Name and Email […]

How do I change my account password?

If you want to change your ChannelUnity password while logged into ChannelUnity follow the below steps. Change your ChannelUnity password Start by clicking on Setup > Users & Roles. You will see a list of users. Click Edit next to the user you wish to edit. In the New Password box, enter the password you […]

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