eBay Error: “Item can’t be accessed”

Full Error Message: Miscellaneous error, click for more details An error was found for which more information is not available. Click More Details below for the specific details returned from eBay UK. For help resolving this error please view the following help guide. Error: Item can’t be accessed.; This item cannot be accessed because the listing […]

Amazon Error: “Barcodes or UPC codes are required for these products”

Full Error Message: Barcodes or UPC codes are required for these products To resolve, you must add barcodes to these products or apply for ‘UPC Exemption’ from the marketplace. SKU, Missing Attributes standard_product_id. SKU doesn’t match any ASINs. Make sure that all standard product ids (such as UPC, ISBN, EAN, or JAN codes) are correct. […]

Amazon Error: “Size value is missing”

Full Error Message: Size value is missing No size value was found for these products. Please ensure that the Product Size field has a valid field mapping in Setup > Describe Categories and that the mapped field contains a valid size value in your cart. SKU, Missing Attributes size. SKU  doesn’t match any ASINs. Make […]

eBay Error: “Images too small”

Full Error Message: Images too small eBay reports that the image(s) for this product don’t meet the minimum image size requirements. ChannelUnity can automatically increase the size for you. To do this, please edit your listing settings, and enable the optional field -> Listing -> Automatically enlarge images. Error: Buyers love large pictures that clearly […]

eBay Error: “SKU does not match eBay Custom Label”

Full Error Message: SKU does not match eBay Custom Label The value (usually SKU) you are sending across for the Custom Label on eBay doesn’t match what is already on eBay for this item. Error: SKUs do not match for ManageBySKU item specified by ItemID Problem: ChannelUnity is trying to update an existing eBay listing […]

eBay Error: “Brand and MPN is missing”

Full Error Message: Brand and MPN is missing The brand name and MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) is missing, please specify a mapping for these fields and reupload this product. Error: Input data is invalid.; Input data for tag BrandMPN is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation. Problem: Ebay requires a brand and a manufacturer […]

eBay Error: “The SKU must be unique within your active and scheduled listings”

Full Error Message: Your eBay account already contains a product with this SKU. All SKUs must be unique within your active and scheduled listings. Please make sure you are using unique SKUs. To allow ChannelUnity to match to existing listings on eBay by SKU, in the menu click on Settings -> Channel Settings -> Link […]

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