EBay Error: “Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations”

Full Error Message: Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations Please remove the product(s) from eBay and re-list them to resolve this. If you”re seeing this error message, you may have tried to add or remove variation information that is invalid for this listing. Error: Invalid Multi-SKU item id supplied with variations. Problem: One of […]

EBay Error: “SKU does not match eBay Custom Label”

Full Error Message: SKU does not match eBay Custom Label The value (usually SKU) you are sending across for the Custom Label on eBay doesn”t match what is already on eBay for this item. Error: SKUs do not match for ManageBySKU item specified by ItemID Problem: ChannelUnity it trying to update an existing eBay listing […]

eBay Error: “Parent Product Must First be Listed”

Problem: You have sent products to eBay and they have gone into Fix Required. The accompanying error message says “Parent product must first be listed”.   Solution: You need to list a parent product in order to also list the child items. Only child items get this error in ChannelUnity. Locate the parent for the […]

Reasonable Price Not Satisfied – Walmart

Are you receiving a “Reasonable Price Not Satisfied” error when trying to list products to Walmart? If you are, the product may be available at a cheaper price elsewhere. Walmart monitors other marketplaces to make sure that they’re offering the most competitive prices. If one of your items is flagged, you should be notified in […]

New store categories/collections are not showing in ChannelUnity

If you have added a new category for your web store products (or Collection if you are using Shopify), this may not immediately show in ChannelUnity, and as such will be unavailable for mapping to a ChannelUnity category. In order for this to show in CU, a product that is set to this category/collection will […]

Amazon: There is a restriction in effect at the item level

Problem You are trying to list an item and get the error message from Amazon:¬†There is a restriction in effect at the item level (because of Item-Level gatings on an offer). Cause You are listing against an existing ASIN, however Amazon have restricted marketplace sellers from selling against this ASIN with particular product conditions. For […]

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