User Interface

Articles describing the ChannelUnity user interface.

Data Enrichment import and export

Downloading product data In this video, we show you how to download your product data using our Data Enrichement tool built within our Interface. If the Data Enrichment button is not available in your interface, please raise a support ticket and a team member will be happy to assist further and allow you to sign […]

Remove a Marketplace from ChannelUnity

To get rid of the link between your online store and a marketplace, you will need to remove the marketplace from ChannelUnity. To do this, log in to ChannelUnity and navigate to Billing > Channels so that you can see the screen similar to below. Here you can go ahead and click “Cancel” on the […]

Disconnect your Online Store from ChannelUnity

To disconnect your online store from your ChannelUnity account, please follow the steps below: Login to ChannelUnity and go to Setup > Online Stores Click the “Disconnect” button for your online store You will see the warning below. Click “Delete” to go ahead and remove the store. If you would also like to disconnect any […]

ChannelUnity Product Search Function

ChannelUnity includes a function that will allow you to search through all products in the ‘Listing’ tab. This is not done through a menu, but is already present in the Listing tab itself. Along the top of the product listing section is a box immediately below each column. These are the search boxes, and allow […]

The Orders Screen

This article explains the features available on the Orders screen in ChannelUnity. Order Status If you click on Orders in the navigation bar you will see the following screen: There are five different order statuses in which your orders may sit: Order Status What this means: Pending Orders which have been placed recently on one […]

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