A list of Etsy related articles

Etsy – Image not uploading

There are a number of reasons that an image cannot be uploaded to Etsy: images must be at least 1000 pixel wide the image file is no higher than 300k in file size otherwise the upload may time out If the image meet the above criteria the try enabling the “Automatically enlarge images” in the […]

How to find your Etsy Shipping Template ID Number

In our Channel Unity Listing Settings for Etsy, you are able to input details of an existing Shipping Template in use for your Etsy account. In order to enter this into ChannelUnity for use in uploads, you will need to enter the Shipping Template ID Number into this field. This is not the Template name […]

Etsy Listing Settings

This article will show you how to create Etsy Listing Settings within ChannelUnity. To start, you will need to be logged into your ChannelUnity account. First click on: Setup > Listing Settings. This should then bring you to a screen that looks like this, from here you will need to click on “Create New Listing […]

Connect your Etsy account

Once you are out of the initial setup steps of ChannelUnity, a few more tabs will become available at the top of the page. Until you have completed the initial setup steps, or skipped them, you will be unable to proceed. Once all tabs are available, select the Unity Store. This is where you can […]

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