How to check and update card details, check invoices, and other billing information.

Confirm your payment details

We are implementing a new billing system, and require ChannelUnity merchants to confirm their billing address and re-input their card details. To do this, follow the steps below. 1. Log in to your ChannelUnity account in the usual way. 2. Click the Billing menu. 3. On the screen that loads click the button “Confirm Billing […]

Billing information

To access your billing information in ChannelUnity, click Billing in the main menu. There are five sections: Account History, Channels, Invoices & Billing Information, Payment Information, and Support Access. Account History This area in the billing section provides an overview of your current billing status on your account. Here you can see the Account Balance, the […]

How do I update my credit card?

In ChannelUnity, click Billing in the main menu, then click Payment Information on the left-hand side. How to update the primary payment method In the section titled Primary Payment Card, input the new card number and expiry date. Please input the name as shown on the card. When complete click the Save Card Details button. We accept […]

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