How To Find Your Etsy Returns Policy ID Number

In our Channel Unity Listing Settings for Etsy, you are able to input details of an existing Returns Policy in use for your Etsy account. In order to enter this into ChannelUnity for use in uploads, you will need to enter the Return Policy ID Number into this field. This is not the Template name in Etsy, and the ID number can be quite difficult to find. This article will show how to identify this number in your Etsy account.

You will first need to log into your Etsy account, and then navigate to the ‘Settings > Policy Settings’ screen.

Next you will need to click the ‘X number active listings use this policy’ link that’s on the return policy you need.

This will now take you to another page, from there you will then need to retrive the number that appears in your browser’s URL/address bar as demonstrated below:

Enter this number into your ChannelUnity Listing Setting for Etsy.

If the Returns policy you wish to use has no currently active listings in Etsy, the number will be 0 and you will be unable to open a link. If this is the case, you will need to manually assign at least one product to this template in your Etsy account itself, and then you will be able to get the URL with the Template ID number in it, using the above method.

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