The changes in our Summer 2016 interface update centre around the Listings screen.
To those who are used to the previous layout, this page describes the main changes to the Listings screen.

Overall Layout

  • Modern tabular layout allowing the display of more products per page.
  • The performance has been greatly improved, especially for those sellers with large product catalogues.
  • The search box and advanced search is replaced with a flexible search feature.
  • The Channel Settings are now moved to a new “Settings” drop down menu.
  • Also in the “Settings” menu is the ability for you to customise the columns that you see on the page.
  • The Import Old Orders facility is moved to the Orders page.

Listing Statuses

  • Top-level statuses are now “All Products”, “Create New Listings”, “Manage Listings”.
  • “All Products” allows you to view all your products no matter which status they are in.
  • The “Create New Listings” status breaks down into the familiar Not Listed, and Do Not List statuses (renamed to Ignore).
  • The “Manage Listings” status refers to managing products that have been selected to list. This breaks down into “Uploading”, “Fix Required” (formerly “Errors Returned”), “Listed” (formerly “Live”), and “Paused”.
  • The “Uploading” status, unlike the previous interface, shows products which are both uploading and not yet live, and products which are being updated but are currently live on the marketplace. (The previous interface would show live products being updated under the Live status).
  • The “Out of Stock” status is removed. To find out of stock products simply search for quantity = 0 using the search filters.

Select To List Wizard

  • When selecting products to list you are now presented with our new innovative listing wizard. This makes it easier to get your listings live while minimising errors.
  • The wizard ensures that if you’re listing variation products, if selecting child products the parent is also selected, and vice versa.
  • Each product is checked to ensure that it has a valid barcode or UPC code.
  • If no valid barcode or UPC code is present for a product being listed, you will have the opportunity to match an existing listing, or specify UPC exemption.
  • If a product doesn’t have a category mapping assigned, you will be prompted for one on the fly.

We hope that the Select To List wizard will help speed up your listing process.

Actions menu

The actions menu includes the actions that you are familiar with from the With Selected menu (for example Deleting or Pausing listings). There are some new actions available:

  • Removing product matches: If you have linked a product (for example to an ASIN on an Amazon channel), you will have the option to remove this link if it no longer applies, or you made a mistake.
  • Disconnecting/unlinking from listings: If a product is listed but you want to treat it as though it is not, you can disconnect (unlink) from this listing. The difference versus deleting the listing is that a delete request is not sent to the marketplace for the product.
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