eBay: How To Connect Your Account To ChannelUnity

This article will show you how to connect your existing eBay Seller Pro account to ChannelUnity.

To start, you will need to be logged into your ChannelUnity account.

First click on “Unity Store” on the top menu, this should then bring you to a screen that looks like this:

You can sort through the marketplaces we currently support by region by clicking on the Marketplaces menu on the left.  In this example, we will be connecting a UK account, so we have selected: European Marketplaces and then clicked on the eBay UK icon.

On the following screen you will need to enter a name in which you would like to refer to this channel as (this is not viewable anywhere else except your ChannelUnity listing screen and is only for your reference) If you only have one eBay account per country something like “eBay – UK” will be fine.

If your cart offers different store views (to support listings in different languages) then you can map which store view you would like us to get the listing information from here too. For example, if we were mapping our eBay.de account, we would select “Germany – german” for this option.

You will then need to click the blue “Next” icon.


The next screen will appear as below, please click on the “Click here to redirect to the eBay website” link.


You will then be redirected to eBay. If you are not already logged into your eBay Seller account, you will be prompted to login, please login here with your usual account details.

This will then bring you a screen that looks like this, you will then need to click the blue, “I agree” button

This will then bring you back into your ChannelUnity dashboard, if you have any SKUs in your cart that match SKUs in your seller account, we will connect those listings here.

This  process can take a widely variable amount of time dependant on the number of SKUs you have, so we would recommend that you just click the main “Listings” menu at the top of the screen to allow this process to run in the background.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully connected your eBay account to ChannelUnity.

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