eBay Business Policies

You can set up your Shipping, Payment, and Returns information directly in eBay, and tell ChannelUnity to use this. This is done via eBay Business Policies.

Firstly, create these in eBay if you haven’t already. Then you can set up your eBay Listing Settings in ChannelUnity to use them.

Navigate to your desired eBay Listing Setting and enter the following:

Shipping Profile ID: This field is located under Required Fields > Shipping Settings.

Payment Profile ID: Located under Required Fields > Payment.

Returns Profile ID: Located under Optional Fields > Return Policy.

Please note that you must populate all of the above fields for this to work.

To get your Shipping, Payment and Returns Profile IDs, navigate to Business Policies located in your eBay Account, then click on the name of the policy.

The ID will appear in the URL where the green box is, as shown below:

eBay Business Policies URL

Click Save Changes once you have entered the IDs. Now any products with the Listing Setting applied will use your eBay Business Policies.

Please note that if you enter these IDs, they will override any other shipping, payment or returns settings you set up in the Listing Setting.

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